SigmaD is designed to assist field workers when standardising epidemiological measurements of (e.g.) weight, height, and MUAC in nutritional anthropometry surveys.

It implements the method for the standardisation of quantitative epidemiological measurements presented in:

Habicht JP, Estandardizacion de metodos epidemiologicos cuantitativos sobre el terrano, Boletin de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamerica, 76: 375-384, 1974

SigmaD is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows application and will run under Microsoft Windows '95, '98, and NT 3.51 or later.

To download the installation file set click the link below:

Download SigmaD (4.47MB)

The downloaded file will be called SDSetup.exe. When you run this file it will create a series of files in your /WINDOWS/TEMP directory (or wherever you tell it to). To install SigmaD you need to run the file SETUP.EXE. You can uninstall SigmaD using the "Add/Remove Programs" item in the Windows Control Panel. There is a short help file with the program, start the program and press [F1], and a sample data file (SAMPLE.SGD) as an example of how data is entered and what a report looks like (try opening this first before entering test data).

E-mail me with bug reports / suggestions / &c. (remove NOSPAM from the e-mail address).