Statistical Utilities

Most of the the programs on this page were written by Ray Simons. They include:

IDR performs exact stratified analysis of rate ratios.

SCRINDEX and SCREEN provide a full set of indices for evaluating the performance of screening and diagnostic procedures.

STAT22 provides a full set of statistics for 2-by-2 tables.

XLIM, XLIMP, XCI, and XCIP calculate confidence intervals for proportions.

XBIN is a rewrite in Turbo Pascal of the Fortran program EXACTBIN by Norman Staehling and Kevin Sullivan. A faster combination method is used and mid-P interval calculations added.

FX is a fast and accurate extended factorial program.

PERCOM is a simple routine for quickly finding permutations and combinations.

These programs are 16-bit MS-DOS programs and can be run under any version of Microsoft Windows or under MS-DOS emulation on Macintosh and Linux systems.

Programs, documentation, and source code are contained in the self-extracting archive MISCSTAT.EXE (428KB). This file also contains some LOTUS-123 (WK1) files for biostatistical work:

CORNRR.WK1 calculates the asymptotic limits for a proportion using the quadratic equation of Wilson (1927) and its Fleiss (1981) continuity corrected form.

QCFIT.WK1 performs ordinary least-squares regression.

ML2.WK1 performs linear regression with two independent variables.

ML3.WK1 performs linear regression with three independent variables.

GAUSS.WK1 provides a regression analysis for data known to follow the normal distribution.

LINEXP.WK1 models many biological phenomena including dose-response and stimulus-response times.

3X3CONT.WK1 provides an analysis of 3-by-3 contingency tables.

The programs come with documentation and TURBO PASCAL source code.

You are free free to use and adapt the source code for your own purposes. We hope that someone will convert these programs to DELPHI / KYLIX or extract the tested and stable statistical routines that they contain and include them in a Microsoft Windows .DLL file for use in other programs. If you do then please let me know (remove NOSPAM from the e-mail address).

Richard Muirhead has done this for the Fisher's exact test and for XCI. His routines (Microsoft Windows .DLLs with source code) are contained in the self-extracting archive MISCWIN.EXE (63KB).