EpiData Project

EpiData is a computer program for data entry and documentation.

EpiInfo for Windows

EpiInfo pages at CDC. A DOS version of EpiInfo is available from this site.

OpenEpi Project

OpenEpi is a project to create open source software for epidemiological statistics in JavaScript and HTML. OpenEpi provides procedures for counts and person-time rates in descriptive and analytic studies, stratified analysis with exact confidence limits, matched pair analysis, sample size calculations, random numbers, chi-square for dose-response trend, sensitivity, specificity and other evaluation statistics, R x C tables, and links to other useful sites.

The R Project for Statistical Computing

R is an environment for data-analysis and graphics similar to S-Plus.


Free, open source, cross-platform, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice.

Linux sample size and power calculator

Philippe Glaziou has a sample size calculator (sampsize) for Linux / Unix. Features include finite population correction, exact methods to compute the sample size required to observe a minimum number of events, sample size and power for one-sample and two-sample comparative studiess, correction for complex sampling designs, sample size and power of unmatched and matched case-control studies, minimum and maximum detectable odds-ratio of case-control studies. This is a command line program. A web-interface (written in perl) is provided and is implemented here.

Valid International

Valid International (VALID) is a private consultancy firm specialising in improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance. Brixton Health is a VALID implementing partner.

Global Social Change Research Project

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research.

Free Statistical Software

Classified links and reviews for free statistical software. A related site providing Free Resources in social research methods may also be of interest.

Links to Epidemiology Software

Links to Epidemiology Software at Vitalnet Software.

Resources for mathematical epidemiology.