FP Advisor on-line

On-line version of our FP Advisor database from the Michigan State Department of Agriculture.

EpiData Project

EpiData is a computer program for data entry and documentation.

EpiInfo for Windows

EpiInfo pages at CDC. A DOS version of EpiInfo is available from this site.

OpenEpi Project

OpenEpi is a project to create open source software for epidemiological statistics in JavaScript and HTML. OpenEpi provides procedures for counts and person-time rates in descriptive and analytic studies, stratified analysis with exact confidence limits, matched pair analysis, sample size calculations, random numbers, chi-square for dose-response trend, sensitivity, specificity and other evaluation statistics, R x C tables, and links to other useful sites.

The R Project for Statistical Computing

R is an environment for data-analysis and graphics similar to S-Plus.


Epidemiology tools on the web (R-based excercises, manuals, and more). Check out the parent MedEpi site for more useful R and epidemiology links and resources.


Free, open source, cross-platform, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice.

MACH 2010 at University of Rochester

Adam Rains has kindly made available his PARC (Population Attributable Risk Calculator) and QuRC (Quick Risk Calculator) programs. Both applications are interactive learning tools developed to assist students in generating basic epidemiological measures of exposure, outcome, and risk..

Linux sample size and power calculator

Philippe Glaziou has a sample size calculator (sampsize) for Linux / Unix. Features include finite population correction, exact methods to compute the sample size required to observe a minimum number of events, sample size and power for one-sample and two-sample comparative studiess, correction for complex sampling designs, sample size and power of unmatched and matched case-control studies, minimum and maximum detectable odds-ratio of case-control studies. This is a command line program. A web-interface (written in perl) is provided and is implemented here.

Valid International

Valid International (VALID) is a private consultancy firm specialising in improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance. Brixton Health is a VALID implementing partner.

Global Social Change Research Project

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research.

Free Statistical Software

Classified links and reviews for free statistical software. A related site providing Free Resources in social research methods may also be of interest.


The GeoMed / Epi Project spatial epidemiology links page.

Links to Epidemiology Software

Links to Epidemiology Software at Vitalnet Software.


Epidemiology links page at Massey University.


The Public Health Web cooperative.

Resources for mathematical epidemiology.